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L’Ex-Designer Project Bar

The BAR is open Daily from Monday to Friday, 18 to 23h | Entença 3, 08015-Barcelona (Metro Poble Sec)



The objectives faced by the Ex-Designer are, on one hand, to build a new perception of design, which starts from technology, innovation and fiction, defining a new relationship between culture, art and business. On the other, it seeks to set up and consolidate the new parameters of the creative class. The Ex-Designer compares aesthetics and function in products of experiential character. It proposes the “business model” as a new artistic discipline. It experiments with the most radical form of Food Design.

It evaluates the behaviour of the design discipline in the context of micro-production (and not artisan). It tests new formats of products and new products. It sets up a new international style. It reconstructs the photographic image of everyday life and its rituals and it takes concepts such as “collaborative economies” and “crowdfunding.”

What is an Ex-Designer?
The concept of Ex-Designer came about in 2001 to define Martí Guixé’s work in the field of design and as a result of the decontextualization that his work is met with. In 2002, together with Inga Knölke, the concept was presented at the Evolutionäre Zellen (Berlin) contest as a generic system that confers a new status within the profession and, in this sense, allows the transcendence of limits that are imposed by the discipline. Currently Ex-Designer has become a movement.

What is Ex-Designer?
Ex-Designer is a project that takes place in a space in Carrer Entença 3, in Barcelona, and which has the form of a bar. The Ex-Designer space started off as a completely bare interior that was slowly printed (printing began on 5 November 2015). The space will be completed with pieces that will be printed until the end of the work: from the inner space to the equipment used in the bar (glasses, plates and utensils for cocktails and for the kitchen). The internal space is made from PLA, a grey corn-starch based material. The glasses and utensils are printed in modified ABS, adapted and certified for gastronomic and medical use. According to some calculations, the 90 m2 area will be completely finished in three years, even if in my studio I am accused of optimism, adjusting my prediction and adding a year to the estimated finish time of the works. Once the tools and the internal parts have been printed, the machines will be used to print food. These edible prints, even if they are still in beta, Started with “DS20Y17' last February 2017 (the bread with tomato that was presented at the Galleria H2O in Barcelona in February 1997), exactly 20 years after the first Food Design.


El bar

Opening 5/11/2015. El bar





12 Busty Fingers
11 Paul Pignon, instruments de vent + Laia Vallès, electrónica + Àlex Reviriego, contrabaix
10 Farrago | Blazej Kotowski: modular synthesizer, grabaciones de campo, fluctuaciones electromagnéticas + Nick Branton: tenor saxophone, clarinet + Daphne Xanthopoulou: piano, objetos, voz.
09 Núria Andorrà, percussió + Albert Cirera, saxos + Sarah Claman, violí + Nuno Rebelo guitarra.
08"Release the Kraken" amb èdipalstròpics soundsystem

07 Manolo Rodríguez, síntesi digital + Luis Tabuenca, percussió + Carlos Costa, contrabaix
06 l'Ull Cec | Alex Mendizabal, globus + Ferran Fages, despisition electroacústic
05 Albert Cirera, saxo + Celeste Alías, veu
04 Ingar Zach, percussió
03 Âlex Reviriego, contrabaix + Tom Chant, saxo
02 Núria Andorrà, percussió + Alfonso Muñoz, saxo
01 Arà Duó | Alessandra Rombolá, flautes ceràmiques + Núria Andorrà, percussió


Food Sessions

02 Edward Chechike - Malfuf + Hummus
01 Mellow Sheng – Kimshi grilled cheese with shiitake and kombucha sourdough bread + Mango shaved iced with matcha amazake agar jelly



Re-thinking Experimentalism. Talk with Ron Kuivila
2 Years Celebration Party
Presentation of the book 'Sun' by Marc Monzó
Shopping night
Networking night with Erik Kessels
TENU gin taste session
Networking night with Pietro Corraini


Present time.

El bar



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